AutoOpen version 1.0

AutoOpen is a simple utility which allows the user to specify a folder which will be opened by the Finder when a volume mounts. This is especially useful for developers creating CDs, DVDs or DMGs. It is a much better user experience for the window to simply appear when your CD or DMG mounts, rather than having the user search their Desktop of Finder window for it.

Sample Uses:
• Make disk images open automatically when mounted.
• Burn CDs and DVDs which open automatically when inserted.
• Automatically open the Contacts folder when you plug in your iPod.

Click the link below to download AutoOpen. If you have Mac OS X version 10.4 or newer, you don't need any software to expand the gzip'd archive. On earlier systems, you can use Stuffit Expander, OpenUp, or gunzip to decompress the downloaded gzip file.
Download AutoOpen

AutoOpen is shareware. If you find this to be an indispensable part of your workflow, or just valuable tool, please register it by clicking below. The cost is $10.00 USD. Your support is greatly appreciated.
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Double-click the decompressed autoopen.dmg file to mount it, then simply drag the AutoOpen application to your preferred Applications folder. Once it has finished copying, installation is complete. (Note that you may need to be an "admin user" to copy into certain folders.)


Drag in a folder or volume.

Just click the "Apply Action" button to set an AutoOpen.

Clearing an AutoOpen is just as simple.

The app makes it hard to go wrong.

How it Works:
An HFS+ volume has a header which stores, among other things, an identifier for the directory that should open when the volume is mounted. AutoOpen is a simple GUI method to set that identifier. No hocus-pocus, no background processes, just making use of what's already there.